Letter to Investors


pum jackOur company is seeking long term investment returns via effective management and advanced technologies. We are focusing on acquiring land leases and preparing development of our lands now. Our future plans are to drill 48 wells within 5 years in Utikuma and Red Earth areas. Total production forecast of those wells is 2300 bbl/d. The payout period is very short depending on relevant data analysis. As a young private company, our commitment is to balance the economic, social and environmental sustainability, and create a profit as well. We are planning to become a medium Canadian petroleum company within 10 years through continuously acquiring lands, following by geological evaluation, light oil and heavy oil development projects.


To become the best mid-sized oil and gas operator in Canada.


To grow using a combination of development drilling, technology, acquisitions and exploration in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.

Long Term Plan

1. Drill up our Utikuma and Red Earth lands in 5 years. Achieve a production rate over 2000 BOPD
2. Acquire properties with development and EOR potential.
3. Reach 60,000 BOPD within 10 years.

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