Rally Canada Resources Ltd. (Rally) is a growing private oil & gas exploration and development company headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Rally currently holds 100% working interest in 1,200 km² (approximately 470 sections, 300,800 acres) conventional Crown Lands in Alberta and produces 1,300 BOE/day, about 70% of the production is light oil, 30% is natural gas. Rally plans to increase the production to 2000 BOE/day by the end of 2016, and 6,000 BOE/day by the end of 2017.


1. May, 2015, Rally Canada Resources Ltd. completed the acquisition of additional properties in Alberta with a total production of 1,300 BOE’s per day.
2. December 19, 2014, the acquisition of Rally Canada Resources Ltd. was completed by Bomo International (Hong Kong) Company Limited and Kangbei International (Hong Kong) Limited. Post-acquisition, Rally Canada Resources Ltd. is held by three major shareholders: Bomo International (Hong Kong) Company Limited (51%), Rally Canada Investment Ltd. (25%), and Kangbei International (Hong Kong) Limited (24%).
3.August, 2013, started financing to drill new wells and acquire oil & gas properties.
4. Up to June, 2013, Rally purchased 307 sections (785 km2) of Crown lands with 100% working interest; and 55.7 kilometers of 2D seismic in the Red Earth area.
5. January, 2013, purchased PetroFountain Energy Inc. with 100% WI in 20 sections of land. Completed staffing/management team.
6. August, 2011, set up the company, created a Board of Directors and started building a management team.

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Utikuma Lake - Location

  • 100% working interest in 735 km2 Crown land
  • Acquired the lands in January, May and June 2013
  • Multiple Pay Zones: Granite Wash, Keg River and Gilwood
  • Sweet light oil (38°~41°API)
  • Close to Nipisi oil field, Utikuma Lake giant oil field.
  • Average porosity is 14%
  • Average Permeability is 250 md
  • Average oil saturation is 69%
  • Many wells with high production rates inside of this area
  • Abundant roads and pipelines close to our lands
  • 4 or 5 year license or lease term
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